Monday, April 13, 2015

First post

Hi all,

This blog will follow the adventures of Gulliver, a 32 foot Winnebago Vista and it's brave crew: Gordon and Lucy, our kids Alex, Devon, Nancy and Leia the Labradoodle.  We are from Vacaville, California and will be heading to Alaska via Canada in June 2015.

The Brave Crew

 Lucy and Alex will be writing some of the blogs too.

Anyway, we have less than two months until were off.  We have most of the route planned and reservations made. We plan on crossing into Canada at Sumas and making our way to Laird Hot Springs and then onto Fairbanks.  After Fairbanks, we will visit some family in Wasilla.  Of course, that's just the start.

We have been working on Gulliver.  Put in a Dirt Devil central Vac that I found on Amazon.  It works great and it was east to install.   It has an expandable hose that reaches the entire interior of the RV.

 We put in some extra storage containers around the inside.  We are also putting heat/sound barriers to the underside of Gulliver, to make it quieter and more temperature stable.   This work is harder and will take a few more weeks to finish.   Almost forgot to mention the full size Dometic porcelain toilet we put in.  It was surprisingly east to install.

Lucy made this Gulliver Avatar, so we can take Gulliver with us on our hikes and other adventures.

Gulliver avatar

When we are ready to head out, we will give a video tour of Gulliver.

We are always open to good advice and suggestions from our fellow RVers.  Thanks to the folks on iRV2 for the good advice and all the experience being shared.

By the way, the photo at the very top is Gulliver at the Point Arena Lighthouse parking lot.

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