Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kenai Lake

Hi all,

Well, we spent a week at Kenai lake. The lower kenai night has rainbow trout hitting. Unfortunately, Kenai lake doesn't.  But the scenery here is beautiful.  We have mountains all around us.  We have watched bears walking on the mountain (with binoculars).

We all took a six hour cruise out of Seward.  We saw humpback whales, lots of birds, porpoises,and a Calving glacier.

Becky and Wayne met us after the cruise and treated us to pizza!  The next day, Lucy and I went on a four hour kayaking trip without the kids! It was great. Becky  and Wayne took the kids to the wild life center.

Tomorrow, begin our one week trip,  heading to Vancouver Island.  We to drive 2310 miles in 6 days.

Good travels all,

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