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Monday, June 29, 2015

Halibut & Mac n Cheese

Hi all,

We have been having a relaxing couple of days. With few things thrown in. Alex decided to make himself some mac and cheese in the microwave. Unfortunately, he forgot to add water. Burned macaroni smells really bad. The whole rv filled with smoke and we had to open the windows for quite a while.

On the other hand, the beach has been beautiful we have seen up to five bald eagles on the beach at one time. also we done some fishing for king salmon but have been unsuccessful.

Today, Alex and I went halibut fishing. the limit is 2, however, only one can be over 29 inches. Alex caught his first over fairly quickly. I caught my over at 43 inches. A short time later, I hooked a really large halibut that was over 50 pounds. however we did not bring him on the boat as it was too big. I caught my under a short time later and then Alex caught a large halibut that he had to release since he had his over also. Also caught several cod on the light tackle which the boat crew was happy to keep for bait.

In the end, after the three fish were cleaned we had 27 pounds of halibut meat.

Today, we will be heading to Lake Kenai  for some camping and trout fishing.

breakfast  at boardwalk bakery

looking back at Homer...there was supposed  to be storm, so we only went out 9 miles

Alex catching cod 2 at a time

The final count

Today, we are raiding Safeway in Homer and Lucy has a hair appointment.   Then it is off to Kenai  lake.

Good travels,