Monday, June 15, 2015

Fishing and relaxing

hi all,

we made it to byers Lake, in Denali State Park yesterday. Must have put in the GPS coordinates wrong because we overshot by 20 miles and had to turn back. still that is not much of a setback.

took the time to figure out how to access the blog from my phone so will try to upload a couple of pictures.

below, is a picture of Alex and Evan at the ice Museum in Fairbanks.

Fairbanks had one of the best visitor centers I have ever seen. You have a nice museum with some great exhibits and the inside Plus the Park Service is located inside so you could ask questions. Below is a picture of Devon and Alex in front of the visitor center.

we are going to spend another two days here at Byers Lake. My sister Beth in Wasilla informed me that there is a 40 mile stretch of freeway closed between our location in Wasilla due to a wildfire.

since there is no other way around to Wasilla, we will have to wait for the road to open before we can get there. Darn another few days of having to fish and kayak in the lake. Pictures to follow.

Good travels,

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