Friday, June 12, 2015

No pictures this time

Hi all,

We made it to Liard hot springs. this is a provincial park it is very nice we had a private campsite. The hot springs for awesome. The kids spent  all day playing in them. Lucy will post the pictures when she can. We are having trouble uploading pictures do to slow wifi at r_v parks.

we spent last night at the discovery yukon r_v park on the White River. it was army base number 3 when army was building the alcan during world war 2. It has some old world war 2 vehicles and a landing strip which is still used.

Crossed into Alaska this morning, June 12th. we had no problems but we did have to show leias rabies certificate. we drove to fairbanks. We will be spending two nights here.  We have around 2600 road miles on Gulliver. And are getting just over 6 mpg.gas prices in the yukon were very high. 1 dollar 29 and more per liter at some gas stations. For those interested, there are 3.79 liters per u.s. gallon.

Day after tomorrow, we will head to Denali  state park and stay for two days.

take care all, good travel,


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