Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fires and pictures

Hi all,
Writing a blog on a phone is proving to be challenging. So I will keep this short. We spent two days at byers lake. We kayaked and fished.  No fish but we had fun. We spent one night as an RV park at Montana creek. There was a big fire in Willow which closed the Parks highway. The family running the RV park had to leave when they learned of a fire near their house. I later heardthat a helicopter and plane dropped water and put the small fire out. Unfortunately, Willows was declared a disaster area.

The highway reopened andwe  were able to drive to Wasilla to Beth and Mikes house and have dinner. Becky and Wayne came over to say hello as well.
So that is a quick synopsis of what's going on.  Below are some pictures from the trip.

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