Sunday, June 7, 2015

In the middle of.....

Hi all,

Well the crossing at Sumas was easy.  It must have been our honest faces! We drove to Hells gate. But the tram was $22 to ride per person. Being that it was only a 500 foot ride down we decided to skip it and save our Canadian money.

So we have been doing a lot driving. Last night we boondocked at a rest stop near Quesenol, called Hush Lake. Then we drove to Prince George to fuel up at Costco. IMPORTANT point here!  Canadian Costco's don't accept  American Express or Visa. Then we drove to Dawson Creek and are spending the night here tonight.  Tomorrow, drive 9 hours


A picture of Lucy... or at least her hand!

Some confusion,  posted this under an old blog name.  Hopefully, it's gone now...but I thought it was gone before.

Good travels all

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