Monday, July 4, 2016

Almost time to leave Montana....

Happy Independence Day all,

It's really windy here, mixed in with some Thunder showers.  We've managed to see all the major parts of Yellowstone.   Old faithful and the adjacent walkways are amazing.
The kids showing of their junior ranger badges.
Lucy really enjoyed the West thumb area with the geysers right next to the lake. The kids enjoyed swimming in firehouse river.  I really enjoyed the Norris geyser area.

At Grand Teton national park

We managed an impromptu trip to the Grand Tetons...what stunning mountains.  Let's see, white water rafting, ziplining, horseback riding and fishing too.  Plus some pretty intense thunder storms with complementary lighting!

We have met lots of people around the park from all over the U.S.  I spoke with a young couple that came from back east.  They showed me a picture of Devils Tower they took while in Wyoming.   I told them it looked  like it was from the movie.  I got a blank look in return.  I said, "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"?  Still got a blank look from them!  Wow, has it been that long?

So, tomorrow we will pack up and the day we will head south into Utah.

Good travels

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