Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wow, this is a big park..let's go ride a horse.

Hi all,

We have noticed that yellowstone is not big, it's Huge!  We spent all day exploring the old faithful area and that is just a small sliver of the park.  The National  park service does a great job maintaining the park.
The family in front of the prismatic  spring

Nancy  modeling on the boardwalk

Next we drove around the north part of the park to Lamar valley. We saw bison, pronghorn, elk and deer.  We watched stupid tourists trying to get close to the bison for that perfect picture!
On the way out of the park, we found a grizzly with two cubs! It was a great event. The bears walked to a stream and splashed around and then crossed the road.

We rested a day and then went horseback riding at  Eagle Ranch in Island park, Idaho. The kids really enjoyed themselves (Alexander smiled a lot). Devon and Nancy were amazed that the horses just pooped as they walked!

Well, tomorrow we are off to Mammoth hot springs and then to boiling river for a dip.

Good travels all,


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