Saturday, June 11, 2016

We are here!

Hi all,

  We had an uneventful drive here.  We tried to meet Ed and Rae at Idaho Falls but they had RV troubles and we did not meet (they did get their rv repaired).

   But some good things to know. There is a Five Guys next to Costco in Pocatello!
Good to know info
   We arrived at our rv park and it is beautiful!
Lake at sunset

   We arrived late in the evening the day before our reservations and we dry camped in the boat trailer  area.  The next morning, the manager came out and yelled at us because there is no dry camping on the property.   We thought we were going to have an unpleasant stay but he must have taken a Midol and calmed down.

We have hiked around the grounds and have not yet gone to Yellowstone.
Nancy on the lake
Well, that's all for now. We are going into town later but that's about all for today.

Good travels, 

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