Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New 2016 adventure

Hi all,

We are all loaded up.  We have a new masthead on the front of Gulliver  (Well, it would be a masthead if Gulliver had a mast).  I had Superman on there last year but Devon snatched him up.  I asked Alex to find a Action figure to put on Gulliver and this is what he came up with....I like it!
Gulliver will be tailgating the Enterprise the whole trip.
Anyway, let's see, newspaper held....check...House sitter....check...a hundred other things we were supposed to do before we left...check..ish

Anyway, we are off to Yellowstone.  We will be staying outside the park, near West Yellowstone.  

Hiking, trout fishing, sleeping, you know, all that vacation stuff.

Good travels, 


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